Factors to consider when ordering engraved products.

Usage:  Will the sign be used indoors or outdoors?


Type:  Do you want to engrave ABS plastic, aluminum, brass or some other type of material?


Color:  A wide variety of color combinations are available in the ABS plastic.  Consider what you would like the letter color to be as well as the sign color.


Finish:  ABS plastic signs are available in satin, gloss, or matte finish.  Brass and aluminum are available in painted (wide color selection), satin, gloss, or brushed finish.


Engraving Style:  ABS plastic signage can be surface engraved or "reverse" engraved.  Reverse engraving takes place on the back of the plastic and presents a smooth face on the surface of the label or sign.


Accesories:  Do you need framed signage?  Directories?  Namebadges?  Desk nameplate holders?  Will your label need to have holes for mounting?  Should your signs or labels have clear adhesive or foam tape on the back? 


Factors to consider when ordering Gemini products.

Usage:  What color would you prefer?

Typestyle:  Which font will display the intent of the sign?

Material:  The letters are available in almost any material from plastic to stainless steel.  Select your material based on mounting location, sign intent, and ambient conditions.

Mounting:  These letters can be mounted with pads, rivets, studs and several other methods.


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